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Heel and Neck Pocket Dimensions

Warmoth adheres to Fender's® USA vintage/original neck heel and neck pocket dimensions in all our offerings (except when noted). Many other manufacturers have adopted these dimensions as well. Unfortunately, they are not universal...even among Fender® products. Careful measurement is the only way to be sure your parts will be compatible.

Strat®-style and Tele®-style heels and neck pockets measure the same. The critical dimensions are:

  • Width = 2-3/16" (56 mm)
  • Length = 3" (76 mm)
  • Pocket Depth = 5/8" (16 mm)

Heel and Neck Pocket Shapes

Strat® and Tele® neck pockets and heels share the same dimensions, but they are not always interchangeable due to their different shapes. A Tele® neck has a squared heel, while a Strat® neck's heel is rounded:

A Strat®-shape heel fits best in a Strat®-shaped pocket. It will also fit and intonate in a Tele®-shaped pocket, but will leave small gaps in the corners of the neck pocket. A 22 fret neck's fretboard overhang would cover the gap:

A Tele®-shape heel only fits in a Tele®-shaped pocket. It will not fit or intonate in a Strat® pocket without neck pocket modification:

Most Warmoth replacement parts for guitar use the rounded Strat®-style shape. Tele® bodies and necks use the squared Tele®-style shape. Use the information below to help you choose:

Necks with Strat®-style heel:

  • All Strat® replacement necks
  • Most other 6 and 12 string guitar necks
  • Mustang, Jaguar, Warmoth 7/8 and other 24" and 24-3/4" scale necks also use the Stratocaster® rounded heel design and dimensions.

Necks with Tele®-style heel:

  • All Tele® replacement necks
  • Snakehead necks

Bodies with Strat®-style pocket:

  • All Strat® bodies except Hybrid Strat®
  • Most other 6 string guitar bodies
  • Hybrid Tele® body

Bodies with Tele®-style pocket:

  • All Tele® bodies except Hybrid Tele® and Tele® Deluxe
  • Hybrid Strat® body

Other Heels and Pockets

A few Warmoth products, such as the Super 7 and Bass 6, use different dimensions.

Some manufacturers and even certain Fender® models use proprietary shapes and dimensions that do not fit Warmoth parts. Click here for a list of known incompatibilities.

Scale Length

Scale length is the active string length, or the distance between the break-over points on the nut and saddle. It is usually calculated by doubling the distance from the nut to the 12th fret. The standard Warmoth scale length for replacement necks is 25-1/2" (other options available - see below).

The most important scale length dimensions are:

  • Nut to 12th fret = 12-3/4" (324 mm). This measurement doubled = 25-1/2" (648 mm) scale length.
  • Nut to the heel (not the extended fretboard) = 18-7/16" (468 mm).
  • Distance from heel to midpoint of bridge saddle adjustment = 7-1/8" (181 mm).

Conversion Necks

Warmoth offers two conversion necks: a Gibson® scale and a Baritone scale. These necks are designed to convert 25-1/2" scale bodies to a shorter or longer scale length. They use the same heel dimensions and shapes as our standard scale necks, and fit the same bodies. Use the Standard Heel and Neck Pocket Dimensions and Shapes info above to determine which bodies they will fit.

7/8 Warhead Necks

The 7/8 Warhead neck is designed for use with Warmoth 7/8 S and T-Style bodies only. Though they have a 24-3/4" scale length and the same heel dimensions as our standard necks, they WILL NOT intonate correctly on standard-scale bodies. 7/8 Warhead necks and 7/8 S and T-style bodies all use the rounded Strat®-style heel shape.

Mustang/Jaguar Replacement Necks

These replacement necks use the same heel dimensions as our standard necks. However, they DO NOT work on standard-scale bodies due to their much shorter 24" scale length. Both the Mustang/Jaguar Strat® and Mustang/Jaguar CBS replacement necks have a rounded heel shape.

Super 7

Warmoth Super 7 necks are designed to fit Warmoth Super 7 bodies only. They are not designed to retrofit any other body. The critical dimensions are below:

Super 7 heel

The shape of our Super 7 Heel is squared and is 2-5/8" (67mm) wide.

Super 7 neck pocket

Bass 6

Warmoth Bass 6 necks are designed to fit Warmoth Bass 6 bodies. They are not designed to retrofit any other body. The critical dimensions are below:

Bass 6 heel

The shape of our Bass 6 Heel is rounded and is 2-25/64" (61mm) wide.

Bass 6 neck pocket

Known Incompatibilities

The following Fender® guitar models are non-standard and are NOT compatible with Warmoth replacement bodies and necks:

  • Roadhouse Strat® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang
  • Big Apple Strat® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang
  • Lonestar Strat® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang (21 fret version is compatible with Warmoth parts)
  • Fat Strat® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang
  • Nashville Tele® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang
  • Fat Tele® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang
  • Modern Player Tele® – Unknown specs
  • Starcaster® - 22 fret neck with no fretboard overhang
  • Heavy Metal Strat® - Non-standard dimensions
  • Heavy Metal Tele® - Non-standard dimensions
  • Jagmaster® - Unknown specs

The Fender® Contoured Heel

Fender's® contoured heel design is not compatible with Modern construction necks. The mounting plate's offset screw pattern places screws where they will pierce the side adjust mechanism.

Our Vintage, Vintage/Modern, and Tiltback necks are fully compatible with this application. We recommend omitting the mounting holes and drilling them yourself to match your body.

This type of contoured heel appears on several Fender® models, including:

  • Deluxe Strat®
  • Deluxe Tele®
  • Jeff Beck Stratocaster®
  • 50th Anniversary Strat®

Other Brands

The following brands are generally not compatible with Warmoth replacement bodies and necks:

  • Epiphone
  • G & L
  • Gibson and other neck-through guitars
  • Ibanez
  • Jackson
  • Music Man
  • Paul Reed Smith