Vintage Tuners, Set of 6 Left Side, Nickel

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Vintage Tuners, Set of 6 Left Side, Nickel

Vintage Tuners, Set of 6 Left Side, Nickel
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Item #: SD91-05M-6L-N
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Old-style, strip-mounted tuning machines impart a real vintage vibe, and the Gotoh brand name ensures you're getting high quality! The posts have the vintage slot and vertical hole so you can insert the string end in before winding for additional security. They are sold in sets of 6 only; Right side or Left side. 15:1 Gear Ratio.



This GK1LC tuner set mounts on the Left Side
of the headstock as in this example. These tuners require
the Vintage Style tuner hole size of 11/32 inch.



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by Jeff
on 6/11/2014
My favorite tuners -- at any price
Simple, solid, well-made tuners with a time-tested bullet-proof design.  Easy and fast to re-string, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp string end (literally!)

DRILL GOOD PILOT HOLES AND LUBRICATE SCREW THREADS WHEN INSTALLING (use paraffin or vaseline) and you won't shear off those tiny screw-heads.
by Cary
on 5/7/2014
Be Careful with the Screws
Those tiny screws on Vintage Tuners are an issue for lots of people...and have been for many years.  The screws that come with the Gotoh tuners have the same issues.  This seems to be a common issue with all manufacturers.  But, the screws are so small that no tuner manufacturer seems to have found a better solution yet.
In most cases, the tiny screws will install easily if a couple of precautions are taken.

1.) Drill a pilot hole for each screw.  Without a pilot hole, the wood may crack or the screw head will break off, or both!

2.) Apply bar soap or candle wax to the threads of the screws.  This reduces friction.

3.) Use the correct size Philips screw driver, so that the screwdriver doesn't slip or damage the screw head.

4.) The screws should mount smoothly.  If you feel resistance or binding or a lot of friction...STOP!  Something is wrong.

These same four precautions should be used for every screw that gets put into guitar necks and bodies.
by Wolfram de Marco
on 6/10/2013
2 screws broke during installation
I had ordered this tuner set for the second time. I had no problems with the first installation a year ago. The second time 2(!!!) screws broke during installation - even so i was very careful, especially after the first screw broke. Now I have two broken screws stuck in my $400 neck and i had to order special tools to extract them to be able to repair the neck. They really should use a harder material for the screws.
by Tele
on 2/10/2012
Fantastic bang for the buck!!!
Tuners are top notch..... Hold tune wonderfully and are nice and light weight.... 

I have installed these on several necks with no issues. Some people have had problems with the screws. here is the trick:

Be sure that the pilot hole is just literally a hair smaller than the threads and lube the screw with bar soap or wax. If it does not go in easily with a "finger tip" or jewelers screwdriver then the pilot hole is too small. A large handled screwdriver should NOT be used as it will snap the heads off.

Thanks for carrying such a great product! 
by JB
on 11/29/2009
Not bad.
Have these on my MIM parts O caster. They are ok.
The tuning can be very very touchy because of the low
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