Vintage Tele® Bridge with “In-Tune” Saddles, Chrome

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Vintage Tele® Bridge with “In-Tune” Saddles, Chrome

Vintage Tele® Bridge with “In-Tune” Saddles, Chrome
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Item #: BS-TC1S-C
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Gotoh's BS-TC1S Vintage Tele® Bridge is the perfect marriage of old-school Tele® vibe and modern precision design. It delivers improved intonation and playability, without sacrificing traditional look, tone, and feel!

The unique grooves on Gotoh's “In-Tune” saddles deliver more precise intonation than old-school vintage-style saddles. Even better, "In Tune" saddles don't sit at funny angles like other compensated designs do. Instead, they sit straight, just like vintage saddles, and can be used in any position.

The "double-cut" plate design gets the traditional "ashtray" edges out of the way of your picking hand, for fearless strumming. The solid brass saddles deliver deep, bright twang and sustain.

  • String spacing is 10.8mm
  • "In Tune" saddles improve intonation
  • Double-cut design improves playability
  • Includes bridge, hex wrench, and mounting screws

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