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TV Classic, Bridge, Universal Mount

TV Classic, Bridge, Universal Mount
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From the TV Jones website:

We produce the TV Classic with our own parts made entirely in the USA. We've recreated the look of the original late 1950's Filter'Tron cover. It has a tighter radius around the top edge, a flatter top, and a height of 3/4", compared to the shorter modern reproduction cover height of 5/8". To improve pickup balance, we make the neck pickup available in a lower 5/8" high cover. But the soul of this pickup is in the magnets we use: We analyzed 1/4" thick late 1950's alnico magnets and reproduced them especially for use in our TV Classic.

The pole screws used on our pickups are original 6/32 fillister-head steel screws. The fillister-head screw has a cylinder-shaped head, which provides better string separation than a domed-shaped pole screw.

We offer our neck pickups with a standard .380" pole to pole width. Our bridge pickup has a pole to pole width of .406" to aid in centering the pole screws under the guitar strings, which are farther apart near the bridge. The result is optimum string separation and output.

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