Schaller M6 Single Locking Tuner, Left Side, Gold

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Schaller M6 Single Locking Tuner, Left Side, Gold

Schaller M6 Single Locking Tuner, Left Side, Gold
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The Schaller M6 locking guitar tuner lets you say goodbye to tedious string winding. Simply insert the string into the tuner hole, and tighten the thumbscrew on the back. An internal pin locks the string in place, and you can tune your guitar as normal. No string winds also means dramatically improved tuning stability with vintage-style tremolo systems.

The redesigned and improved M6 tuner features 18:1 Velvet-Tec™ and LX6-Lube™ for unparalleled tuning precision and comfort. It installs with a centering-washer that allows for trouble-free installation, and perfectly centered string posts. Its footprint is identical to its predecessor, so it swaps easily, with no modifications necessary.

  • 18:1 gear ratio.
  • Weight per tuner: 1.73 oz. (49 grams).
  • Sold individually so you can get the configuration you need. If you have tuners on both sides of your headstock, then you need some left side and some right side tuners.
  • Not Compatible with Baritone strings



This tuner mounts on the Left Side
of the headstock as in this example.


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by Stephen
on 12/9/2010
Things to be aware of ...
They work well when properly adjusted. 

Make sure the adjustment screw in the center of the knob is tight. Don't assume that because the knob feels tight that the screw is adjusted to eliminate the potential back lash when they are too loose.

The locking knob on the bottom takes a lot of finger power to tighten and can be hard on your skin.

I've taken to wearing a leather work glove when tightening them to save wear and tear on my skin.
by Bill Franco
on 12/10/2009
Better than Sperzels
I got these because I had a Fender rolling nut (from a thrashed Jeff Beck strat) and wanted to have the most secure tuning possible without a locking nut.  I hated Sperzels - the dead spots and the screw to tighten the string in the pegs was uncomfortable.

A student had these on his Fender Strat Plus (remember those?) and I liked 'em.  The dead spots from the Sperzels aren't there, and the knobs are comfortable.

They work very well, but it's not a perfect solution to the tuning issue.  The string will still hang at the nut, so it's not as stable as a locking nut.  That said - if you're a bit "old school" this may be a better solution.  Tuning is a breeze in typlical Schalelr fashion.
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