Quarter Pound Jazz Bass - bridge (SJB-3b)

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Quarter Pound Jazz Bass - bridge (SJB-3b)

Quarter Pound Jazz Bass - bridge (SJB-3b)
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Quarter Pound Jazz Bass bridge pickup with diameter alnico 5 rod magnets delivers all the attitude you could ever want from a Jazz Bass.

The Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass was designed to take a jazz pickup to new tonal heights. This pickup has it all hot output, great attack, and massive attitude. The diameter poles and intense coil winding delivers a full, even response, with great sustain and a sonic richness welcome in any genre of music. This pickup is a drop-in bridge position replacement for any American Standard Jazz Bass. (Mexican Standard Jazz Basses use two neck-sized pickups)Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA the Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass uses diameter alnico 5 rod magnets, forbon flatwork, and is wax potted for squeal free operation. Comes with black cover.

Magnet:Alnico 5
Cable:PVC Lead Wire
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by John
on 2/3/2013
Good if used in a set
I am an avid Fender Jazz Bass user (don't give me a P-bass, I will throw it out the door), and I think these pickups are awesome. I play mostly metal (any kind really), and it's perfect for blues even. The review above mentions a hum, and this is a problem if you don't use them as a set. The neck version is RW/RP for hum cancelling. If going for a P/J style bass, then get a stacked or side by side J-bass pup. If going for a J-bass set, then this is perfect for you. 
by Josh
on 2/4/2009
I have this pickup in the bridge position, and a quarter pound P at the neck on one of my basses.  The P is dead quiet, but this pickup is noisy.  I primarily play studio sessions, so I can only use the P pickup when recording with this bass.  That's fine, because the quarter pound P sounds great!  However, if I want to have a touch of J-bass flavor in the tone, I have to use another bass.

I have played this bass live, and the hum isn't terrible in live applications.  You can hear it, though.  I'm going to change out this pickup soon, probably with a Hot for Jazz bridge pickup.  On the Basslines website, it is labelled as hum-cancelling.
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