Power'tron, Bridge, Universal Mount

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Power'tron, Bridge, Universal Mount

Power'tron, Bridge, Universal Mount
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(From the TV Jones website:)

Introducing the Power'Tron—the ultimate marriage of twang, fatness, sparkle and warmth. The Power'Tron was born out of our desire to create a Filter'Tron-sized pickup with a strong midrange presence and high output, while still retaining the famous sparkle and bass-note clarity of our TV Classic.

At the heart of the Power'Tron bridge model are two extra-tall bobbins, allowing for more winds of standard-gauge wire. Single treble notes are reproduced with a full, midrange fatness, while bass notes twang out deep and clear. Overall, the tone is remarkably close to a fifties PAF humbucker, blended with a zing and twang that is all Gretsch®.

Our matched Power'Tron neck model uses standard bobbins (to retain a 5/8" cover height), overwound with standard-gauge wire. The resulting tone is slighty darker and hotter than a TV Classic neck, scooping on an extra helping of thick, buttery goodness.

So, you ask, how is the Power'Tron bridge model different from the TV Classic Plus? Well, the Power'Tron has a tone that is fat and full — the result of tall coils wound with standard wire. The TV Classic Plus is more like a vintage Filter'Tron™ pickup with extra-attitude — this due to more turns of thinner wire on a short bobbin.

The Power'Tron neck model uses standard .380" pole-to-pole spacing, while the Power'Tron bridge features a pole-to-pole spacing of .406" for optimum string separation and output.

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