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Stratocaster® Guitar Pickguard

Material Description

.09" White Solid Gloss
Solid vinyl material, with a gloss finish and beveled edge.

Side Edge


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Bridge Cut

Mounting Holes



.09" White Solid Gloss

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  • Stratocaster®


  • .09" White Solid Gloss$25.00

Bridge Cut

  • Standard Bridge Cut

Mounting Holes

  • 11 Hole


  • Standard Countersink

Pickup Rout

    Neck Pickup
  • Strat®
  • Middle Pickup
  • Strat®
  • Bridge Pickup
  • Strat®

Control Routing

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Tone 2
  • 5 Way Switch

Total: $25.00

Note: This is not your actual pickguard. This is a graphic representation.

  • Rout locations and positioning are not represented 100% to scale.
  • Pickguard material color will vary.
  • Pickguard material patterns will vary.

Strat® Guitar Pickguard

Note: These pickguards fit American, Japanese and Mexican Strats®. There are many Strat® clones. If it isn't a Fender®, Proceed With Caution!

ATTENTION: If you are putting a Volume Knob in the Control 1 position you cannot put a P-90 Pickup in the Bridge Position.

Fender imports are generally built to US specifications, but are NOT always 100% compatible… The perimeter mounting holes may be in slightly different locations. No big deal if you don't mind plugging and redrilling 3 to 4 holes (not likely to adversely impact the collector's value). Other than these perimeter holes, everything else is usually compatible.

Will It Fit? - Print Out This Full Size PDF

For the best results, you can print out this full size PDF for comparisons of mounting hole and pickup locations as well as perimeter measurements. DO NOT SELECT "Fit to Page."

Strat® Guitar Pickguard
Bridge Routing Options

Routing for the Floyd Rose Bridge

Routing for the larger Floyd Rose tremolo is optional.
This moves the location of hole # 8 about 7/16" to the side.

No Extra Cost!

Strat® Guitar Pickguard
Mounting Hole Options

Vintage 8-Hole

8-Hole Conversion


When ordering a replacement pickguard, pay particular attention to the location of screw hole #5. This is the only hole that varies in location. Specify the pattern you want when ordering.
The 8-hole conversion model has the basic 8-hole look, but #5 is in the newer ('59 and later) positions. No "new" holes are required when changing an 11-hole pickguard to an 8-hole conversion model. Note that some hole locations on replacement pickguards may vary from the original.

SRV Countersunk Pickup and Switch Mounting Holes

This option features "countersinking" on the pickup and switch mounting holes. Please specify "SRV Style when ordering. Not available on the thinner .060" thickness pickguards. Requires Oval head screws such as our S13 style. This option is no extra charge!

Strat® Guitar Pickguard
Control Routing Options

Above are 3 popular examples of pot and switch combinations. YOU CHOOSE
your configuration. We can cut any, all, or none of the standard pot
and switch holes. Simply tell us your preference.

The diagram above shows stndard locations for controls 1-4.

Special D-Long Volume Hole Placement Option

This option moves the Volume hole (Cntrl 1) further away from the pickup and forward
from its traditional position.

This custom placement is $15 extra.

Below are the humbucker rout dimensions we offer. Please be
sure of the one that is correct for your brand or style of pickup.