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Jazzmaster® Guitar Pickguard

Material Description

.09" White Solid Gloss
Solid vinyl material, with a gloss finish and beveled edge.

Side Edge






Bridge Cut


Upper Switch

Lower Switch

.09" White Solid Gloss

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  • Jazzmaster®


  • .09" White Solid Gloss$35.00

Bridge Cut

  • Vintage Jazzmaster® Bridge With Tremolo

Upper Switch

  • Vint Switch & Roller Pots

Toggle Hole

  • Lower Toggle Switch

Pickup Rout

    Neck Pickup
  • Jazzmaster®
  • Middle Pickup
  • None
  • Bridge Pickup
  • Jazzmaster®

Control Routing

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Input

Total: $35.00

Note: This is not your actual pickguard. This is a graphic representation.

  • Rout locations and positioning are not represented 100% to scale.
  • Pickguard material color will vary.
  • Pickguard material patterns will vary.

Warning: These pickguards are ONLY meant to fit our Warmoth Jazzmaster® bodies.
They will NOT retrofit on to your guitar.

* This is not a vintage design pickguard. We have re-mastered this pickguard to function exclusively with the Warmoth made Jazzmaster® body. This allows the usage of any bridge you might want; Tune-o-matic bridge & Stop Tail piece, Wilkinson tremolo, Jazzmaster trem/bridge, or even a Floyd tremolo!

Will It Fit? - Print Out This Full Size PDF

Jazzmaster Pickguard PDF

For the best results, you can print out this full size PDF for comparisons of mounting hole and pickup locations as well as perimeter measurements. DO NOT SELECT "Fit to Page."

Jazzmaster® Guitar Pickguard
Pickup Routing Options

With these pickup options, the Jazzmaster® can sound like just about anything. The P-90's (at the far right) deserve special attention as they are quite similar to the original pickups but with a cleaner, cool look.

Jazzmaster® Guitar Pickguard
Control Routing Options

With 3/5-way in either upper or
lower rout positions...
any or all pots and jack

With Gibson type toggle in either
upper or lower rout positions...
any or all pots and jack

With Vintage upper controls and
your choice of lower controls


Above are 3 examples of pot and switch combinations. YOU CHOOSE your configuration. Vintage Upper Controls come as a set, but, we can cut any, all, or none of the other standard pot and switch holes. Simply tell us your preference.

Jazzmaster® Guitar Pickguard
Bridge Routing Options

Please specify the bridge that you are using!