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Paint Bodies     
Warmoth has a complete in-house paint facility and has been producing top quality high gloss wet look finishes to the pleasure of guitar junkies for many years. Our staff is made up of talented people that take great pride in their work. Please peruse our color selections and see if we can't help you with your project.

Urethane is our primary finishing material though we do use several thin coats of polyester as a base coat to fill the wood grain. The process is first to fill the grain, then the color coat is applied. Finally the top coats are laid down before final sanding and buffing. If the body is dyed, these colors are put on the raw wood prior to the base coat application. There seems to be much controversy about finishing materials and poly seems much maligned… Without sinking into the depths of this debate, let us just say that our finishes seldom exceed twelve thousandths on an inch in thickness. For the lacquer fans, there are others that spray this material though the cost is generally at least double for a very questionable sonic difference.


We only offer finishing services for the parts that we build here. We do not accept any other parts for finishing or refinishing. If you've bought something from us in the past and it's still in brand new condition, never been played, we can usually accommodate these but please check with us first to verify and make arrangements.


Paint is not an easy or fast process, but rather slow and tedious at best. The actual production time is only one factor in our delivery time. Another factor has to do with the volume of work at any given time. When business isn't crazy we can usually get neck finishes out the door within two to three weeks and body finishes within four to five weeks. This time estimate is in addition to body or neck manufacturing time. When order volume goes up (usually in the winter months), time estimates are greater. We always strive to give accurate time estimates, but please remember; these are only estimates.