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Custom Paint

Custom Finishes

You may find some of our custom finishes in the Showcase section of our web site (flames, odd colors, etc.), however, we've been backlogged for too long and are currently not accepting custom finishing orders.

Color Matching

We do not currently offer custom color matching to customer supplied pictures, color numbers, etc. We are simply swamped with regular work and don't have time to devote to such projects.

Racing Stripes & Competition Stripes

Racing Stripes

These are done parallel to the strings and are usually comprised of three lines with 1/8"" (3mm) spaces between them. These stripes go all the way around the body.

Racing stripes (Image 1 thru 4 in picture above) $65

Competition Stripes

These stripes go diagonal at the forearm contour and are limited to the face side of the body only.

Competition stripes (far right in picture above) $65

Clean Line Option

Clean Line $55 Extra

This option must be chosen if the back finish is clear, although it creates a dramatic look with a black back as well. This accent finish is more time-consuming to accomplish and is $55 extra.