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About Warmoth

Since 1980, Warmoth has been the standard in American-made bodies and necks for electric guitars and basses. During that time, we have helped countless players customize, personalize, and improve their instruments. We have also helped to pioneer many advancements in guitar technology, including the compound radius fretboard, the conversion neck, and the “drop-top” laminate top.

We use a blend of modern and traditional guitar-building techniques. CNC machines cut body and neck blanks. Most of the remaining work, from gluing binding and installing frets to spraying finishes, is completed by hand. Every step is performed by skilled crafts-people who care about building quality musical instrument parts, and who work hard to ensure that each neck and body we ship meets our standard of excellence.

Warmoth also works hard to develop and maintain relationships with wood suppliers. We take pride in responsibly sourcing an unrivaled variety of beautiful and exotic tonewoods. These woods, in conjunction with our exacting and time-proven construction methods, result in bodies and necks that are tuneful, beautiful, and stable.

Over the years many high-end, boutique builders have turned to Warmoth for their bodies and necks, including Valley Arts, Pensa-Suhr, Sadowsky, and others. We have also built custom parts for some of the most recognizable guitar and bass players in the world.

The parts we make for you will be of the same high quality.

Warmoth offers you the opportunity to customize an instrument for your own tastes and playing style; to create your own signature model. Whether you are repairing guitars or custom-building them, look to Warmoth as the premier supplier of replacement necks and bodies.