Jazzmaster®/Jaguar® Tremolo Tail Piece, Chrome

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Jazzmaster®/Jaguar® Tremolo Tail Piece, Chrome

Jazzmaster®/Jaguar® Tremolo Tail Piece, Chrome
Item #: JMT1C
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This tremolo tailpiece is a replacement for the original Jazzmaster®/Jaguar® guitar and is designed to be used with the Jazzmaster®/Jaguar® bridge (JMB1C). It has adjustable spring tension and requires 6 screws to mount it to the body.

Available right hand only


Comes complete with:
1 Tail Piece
6 Mounting Screws
1 Tremolo Arm
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by Garrett
on 4/27/2014
They probably need to update the description, because it definitely has a lock on it. Only downside I can think of is that the trem arm doesn't screw in. 
by Sehriyar
on 8/28/2012
Much better than the real fender!!!
In my opinion this is a way better tweaked design than fender's. This one is missing the useless "lock" option which alters your tuning if not set right and still a bit too funky if set right. I could never use it, seriously. But there's more to this bridge than the lock thingy.
Most people complain about high E string breaking because the screw underneath it unwinds it. The designers of this bridge moved those screws a little off the way so they don't unwind your strings and cause breakages. There's another plus to this, your strings will vibrate freely, without touching the screws, hence more of that haunting 'jazzmaster' effect.
For that reason alone, I'd replace the authentic fender bridge with this one!
by Steve
on 10/16/2011
Ain't nothing like the real thing
A lot of the hardware Warmoth offers is excellent, but a Jazzmaster tremolo without the trem-lock is, in my opinion, totally worthless. Buy this trem ONLY if you DON'T care about being able to easily set your Jazzmaster to be a hardtail -- just by sliding the lock into place. If you want the versatility of having both the trem and the ability to neutralize it, buy an authentic Fender. It's worth it.
by Brian
on 3/14/2011
Ok, but not authentic
This works fine, but does not have the lock on it like the real Fender ones do. Just so you know.
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