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Scalloped Guitar Necks

On a scalloped neck the fretboard is sanded to a concave shape between each of the frets. This increases clearance and reduces friction between fingers and fretboard, making bends and lead techniques quicker and easier. Scalloped fretboard users include Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore, and John McLaughlin.

Modern 25-1/2" scale necks are available with either a Full Scallop or a Half Scallop.

The Full Scallop

The entire fretboard is scalloped from the nut through 22nd fret. Cost: $110

The Half Scallop

The fretboard is scalloped from the 12th through 22nd fret. Cost: $90

Benefits of scalloped necks include:

  • Faster playing
  • Smoother note bending
  • Less stress on fingering hand
  • Cleaner, clearer notes
  • More responsive hand-tapping
  • Easier sweep arpeggios
  • Quicker pull-offs and trills

Only Modern necks may be scalloped. Scallops are only done on new construction necks so that the side dots can be repositioned to accommodate them. The scallops are symmetrical. The total depth is 1/8" (3mm), measured from the fret tops and can be fretted with 6100, SS6100, SS6115 and GD6100 fret wire only.

Inlay on scalloped necks is black or cream phenolic dots. We can not combine scalloping with a custom inlay.

Scalloping is NOT offered on the following necks:

  • Vintage/Modern
  • Vintage
  • Baritone Scale necks
  • Mustang necks
  • 7 String necks
  • Necks with the Wizard neck profile
  • Snakehead necks with 3.5mm dot inlays
Necks with a 24 Fret Extension will be scalloped on frets 1 through 22 only; we cannot scallop on the 24 Fret Extension.