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Guitar Neck Heel & Mounting

Heel Width

Warmoth guitar necks (7 string necks excluded) feature either the Strat® (Shown) or Tele® heel shape measuring 2-3/16" (56mm) across at the widest point. This is the vintage Fender® specification. Adhering to these dimensions ensures compatibility with all the varied body shapes we offer.

Guitar Neck Mounting Holes

Our guitar necks come with the mounting holes predrilled 1/8" (3mm) diameter. This pattern matches the standard Fender® specifications and is compatible with all our replacement bodies as well. Use just a little paraffin or soap on the mounting screws to make the installation easiest.

By request, we can make necks without these mounting holes, though it requires special handling to do so. There is an additional $15 charge for this special handling.

3-Bolt Micro Tilt Neck

3 Mounting Holes

Vintage/Modern Construction Only

We offer necks to function with the Fender® 3-bolt scenario. Only our Vintage/Modern Construction necks with top adjusting truss rod are compatible with this set-up. Headstock shapes include Strat®, CBS®, and Tele® styles. We rout for the mounting plate and drill for the screw holes but we do not supply any of this hardware. It seems that there are some reissue models that use slightly different hardware...we don't know the specifics; our holes match the early 70's Fender® specs. The cost for this custom work is $15 over usual neck pricing. Yes, we also offer Strat® and Tele® bodies routed for the three bolt hardware.