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Gloss Finish Option

Warmoth has a complete in-house paint facility and has been producing top quality high gloss, wet look finishes for many years. Our staff is made up of talented people that take great pride in their work. Select a Finish Category option from the drop down menu. See the many finishes we offer by simply clicking on the resulting swatch colors.

Click Here to Explore/Download the Warmoth 2018 Finishes Catalog.

Price $170.00

  • Price shown is for paint work ONLY and does not include body or neck.
  • Colors shown are an approximation of the final product, some variations are expected.

Select Gloss Finish Category

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Exotic Woods require an isolator coating which seals in the natural oils of the wood and protects the finish from the inside. This additional spraying and sanding makes the finish total $45 more than other woods. Exotic woods include Bocote, Bubinga, Canary, Cocobolo, Camphor, Goncalo Alves, Padouk, Pau Ferro, Rosewoods, Bloodwood/Satine, Purpleheart, and Ziricote.

Satin Finish Option

The Satin Finish option is available on every color Warmoth offers. It is just as thin and durable as our normal gloss finish, and just as beautiful to look at. It is also super smooth to the touch, and very long-lasting. Other custom finish options like Masked Edges are also available in Satin.

Color Help

Need help deciding between two close colors? The videos below will help you choose.