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Replacement Jazzmaster®
Guitar Bodies




Flame Maple on Alder


Flame Maple on Swamp Ash
with Honey Burst finish

Standard Features

  • 25-1/2" Scale Length (Strat® scale)
  • 1-3/4" thickness
  • 4-bolt standard neck pocket
  • Deep tummy and forearm contour
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Our "In Stock" selection has thousands of custom bodies and necks ready for purchase! These are the same quality as our custom built items. We pre-build many popular items and pass the savings on to you. Simply click on the image above to view and order today.

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If you cannot find what you desire in our "In Stock" selection, we would be very happy to simply design it for you! Depending on your exact specifications, most items from this category only take about 4 to 6 weeks for us to make! Having it your way is what "custom" is all about and our skilled craftsmen are second to none!

This body is only meant to fit our Warmoth Jazzmaster® Pickguards.

It is not intended to retrofit to your guitar.

This sideways, elongated body was an early Fender excursion into more comfortable ergonomics. Somehow, it never caught on like the Strat® or Tele®. While retaining the vintage perimeter shape, we have added pickup and bridge routing options to accept more popular hardware. We've also updated our pickguard for these advances. We've even done it rear routed and with laminate tops. However you want it, we can probably do it.

Jazzmaster® Guitar Body Rear Rout Option

A rear routed version is available with optional Les Paul type toggle switch rout in the lower bout area. Covers and screws are included.

For the Ultimate in personal preference, our special Unique Choice option lets you pick the actual laminate top we will use for your body from below. Simply add its price to the table price above.

Include the laminate top number with your order.

Laminated Top Wood Type

Featured Solid Body Laminate Tops

wood type


LT3460 +$195
Flame Maple

wood type


LT3244 +$195
Quilt Maple

wood type


LT3458 +$250
Quilt Maple

wood type


LT3464 +$195
Black Korina

wood type


LT3462 +$175
Birdseye Maple

wood type


LT3463 +$175
Birdseye Maple

wood type


LT2726 +$125
Pau Ferro

wood type


LT2974 +$95
  • The grain pattern and color will change as the laminated top is sanded and finished. You should expect some variation in appearance from the picture shown.
  • Warmoth's production managers have discretion to choose the way the laminated top is oriented on the body wood for the best appearance and structural integrity.
  • If while in production the product is found to be substandard, we will not be able to continue with the piece you have chosen.
  • The charge for selecting a one-of-a-kind laminated top is non-refundable for order returns, changes, or cancellations.

Body Options for the Jazzmaster® Body

Right/LeftMore Info

  • Left handed
  • Right handed

Control CavityMore Info

  • Rear Rout
  • Top Rout

Pickup RoutsMore Info

Neck Pickups

  • 7 String Humbucker (Wood Mount) (N)
  • EMG Strat® (Neck)
  • Humbucker (Neck)
  • Humbucker (Wood Mount) (N)
  • Mini Humbucker (Neck)
  • P90 (Neck)
  • P90 (Stacked - Neck)
  • Standard Jazzmaster®
  • Strat® (Neck)
  • Tele® (Neck)
  • TV Jones with Ears
  • TV Jones without Ears

Middle Pickups

  • EMG Strat® (Middle)
  • Humbucker (Middle)
  • Humbucker (Wood Mount) (M)
  • Mini Humbucker (Middle)
  • P90 (Middle)
  • P90 (Stacked - Middle)
  • Strat® (Middle)
  • Tele® (Middle)

Bridge Pickups

  • 7 String Humbucker (Wood Mount) (B)
  • EMG Strat® (Bridge)
  • Humbucker (Angled)
  • Humbucker (Brdg)
  • Humbucker (Wood Mount) (Angled)
  • Humbucker (Wood Mount) (B)
  • Mini Humbucker (Bridge)
  • P90 (Bridge)
  • P90 (Stacked - Bridge)
  • Standard Jazzmaster®
  • Strat® (Angled Reverse)
  • Strat® (Bridge)
  • Tele® (Bridge)
  • TV Jones with Ears
  • TV Jones without Ears

Bridge RoutsMore Info


  • American Standard Strat® Tremolo
  • Custom Bridge Rout
  • Floyd with Angled Pocket
  • Gotoh 510 Tremolo
  • Recessed Original Floyd Tremolo
  • Recessed Schaller Floyd Tremolo
  • Semi-Recessed Wilkinson Tremolo
  • Standard Jazzmaster® Bridge And Tremolo
  • Tremolo Back Cavity Only
  • Vintage 6-Hole Tremolo
  • Wilkinson Tremolo


  • 2 TEK
  • Fender® American Standard Flat Mount
  • Gotoh 12 String
  • Narrow Strat® Flat Mount
  • Recessed TOM-Angled Strings
  • Recessed TOM-Arched Strings
  • Recessed TOM-Staggered Strings
  • Schaller 456,Angled Pocket
  • Schaller 475
  • TOM/STP, Angled Pocket
  • Vintage Strat® Flat Mount

Input Jack RoutMore Info

  • 1/2" (13mm) Side Jack Hole
  • 3/4" (19mm) Side Jack Hole
  • 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole
  • No Side Jack Hole
  • Strat® Top Jack Rout

Neck PocketMore Info

  • Strat® Shape
  • Strat® with 720 Mod [$45.00]
  • Tele® Shape [$15.00]
  • Tele® with 720 Mod [$65.00]

Mounting HolesMore Info

  • No Mounting Holes (Filled) [$15.00]
  • No Mounting Holes (Index Hole only)
  • Standard 4 Bolt

Body ContoursMore Info

  • Contoured Heel [$35.00]
  • Forearm Contour
  • Tummy Cut

Battery BoxMore Info

  • Double Battery Box [$15.00]
  • No Battery Box Rout
  • Single Battery Box [$15.00]

BindingMore Info

Standard Binding

Black Binding

White Binding

Cream Binding

Ivoroid Binding

Pearloid Binding

Tortoise Binding

Laminate Accent

Light Wood Laminate Accent

Dark Wood Laminate Accent

Masked Accent

Natural Masked Accent

FinishesMore Info



Surf Green

Sonic Blue

Alpine White

Fiesta Red

Vintage White

Bright Red

Light Yellow


Daphne Blue

Dakota Red

Graffiti Yellow

Olympic White

Shell Pink

Charger Green

Seafoam Green

Taos Turquoise

Capri Orange


Sherwood Green

Fire Mist Gold

Lake Placid Blue

Inca Silver

Purple Frost

Charcoal Frost

Burgundy Mist

Blue Ice


Gold Top Gold

Spectra Blue

Cinder Red

White Pearl

Shamrock Green

Black Cherry

Shoreline Gold

Metallic Gold




Candy Red

Candy Blue

Candy Green

Candy Turquoise

Candy Purple

Candy Tangerine

Candy Yellow


Green Flake

Apricot Flake

Silver Flake

Blue Flake

Fuchsia Flake

Gold Flake

Red Flake

Turquoise Flake

Holo Flake

Inferno Flake

Goblin Flake


Vintage Tint

Transparent Red

Transparent Turquoise

Transparent Amber

Transparent Purple

Transparent Green

Butterscotch Blonde

Transparent Blue

Transparent Yellow

Mary Kay White

Transparent Brown

Sunset Orange


Honey Burst

Black-Brown-Yellow Burst

Black-Red-Yellow Burst

Cherry Burst

Tobacco Burst

Black-Yellow Burst

Blue Burst

Green Burst

Dragon Burst

Black to Clear Burst

Jungle Burst

Caribbean Burst

Tequila Sunrise Burst

Black Cherry Burst

Brown to Clear Burst

Purple to Clear Burst

Black Burst

Metallic Burst

Metallic Dragon Burst

Metallic Cherry Burst

Metallic Honey Burst

Metallic Black-Red-Yellow Burst

Metallic Caribbean Burst

Metallic Tobacco Burst

Metallic Black-Silver Burst

Metallic Candy Purple-Silver Burst


Yellow Dye

Brown Dye

Red Dye

Purple Dye

Blue Dye

Turquoise Dye

Green Dye

Black Dye

Tigers Eye

Washed Blue Dye

Bengal Burst

Fire Burst

Washed Black Dye

Amber Dye


Aqua Marine Dye