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On most bodies, our pickup routs are 3/4" (19mm) deep. This is deep enough to accomodate standard pickups. However, some non-standard pickups may be too deep. Always measure your pickups to be sure they will fit.

Rout depth on our Vintage Strat® and Tele® replacement bodies is 5/8" (15.88 mm). This vintage spec does not accommodate some modern pickups. Again, measure to be sure.

Rear Routed Bodies

We offer two types of single routs.

Strat® Replacement Bodies

Tele® Replacement Bodies

Exclusive to Telecaster® body. To modify for Strat® size single coil or humbucker pickups, just specify it.

We also offer Lollar Charlie Christian Telecaster® Pickup Rout in the neck and middle position on Top Routed bodies.

Please specify if you won't be using a pickguard

24 Fret Extention Pickup Rout Reposition

If your neck has our 24 fret fretboard extention, we can reposition the neck pickup rout towards the bridge a bit, just out of reach of the fretboard extention.

This custom feature is $35 extra

Soloist body shown

Soloist body with 24 fret
Extension neck

How Pickups Are Mounted

Strat® single coil pickups

These are usually mounted by suspension from a pickguard by two screws. Coil springs are used between the pickguard and pickup to hold the set position.

In the case of a body without a pickguard, the pickup may be mounted directly to the wood.

Gibson® original humbuckers

These are usually mounted by suspension from a metal or plastic bezel by a pair of screws with springs between to hold the setting.

Mounted Directly to Wood

Some players, following a trend set by Van Halen, prefer to mount the humbucker directly to the wood without any spring suspension. Tonally this does not appear to make a significant audible difference. Our opinion is that this is primarily an aesthetic issue.

Because of the many variables such as fret height, bridge type, brand or make of pickup, it is difficult to say exactly what depth of rout might be best for a particular application. Our rout for this application is without the end plunge cuts and is to a single depth of 3/4". Washers or other shims will be necessary to achieve optimum pickup height.

P-90 single coil pickups

These are made to mount directly to the guitar body with two screws between the string pole pieces.

This pickup is not conveniently mounted in a guitar with a pickguard.

Mini Humbucker

Best suited to installation in a pickguard - You can find mounting rings for a wood surface mount but you have to search for them on the open market.

TV Jones


Tele® lead pickups are hung from the bridge plate.




Charlie Christian

The Charlie Christian Telecaster® pickup made by Lollar Guitars is an homage to the one made famous by electric guitar pioneer Charlie Christian. It is designed for use in solid body electrics. Warmoth does not carry this pickup but we will rout for it in both the neck and middle pickup positions on our solid-body Standard Telecaster®. It is not available on other guitar bodies.

The pickup is available in two versions: "pickguard mount" or "body mount."

  • The "pickguard mount" version requires the Lollar Charlie Christian (Holes) rout on the pickguard from Warmoth.
  • For the "body mount" version select the Lollar Charlie Christian (No Holes) rout on the pickguard from Warmoth.