Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Guitar Neck Pocket Option

Guitar Neck Pocket
Specs & Options

Standard Neck
Pocket Depth
is 5/8”(.625")

* All Warmoth 6 string guitar bodies except for the Tele® family, feature Strat® compatible neck pockets.

* All Warmoth 6 string guitar necks (except Tele®) feature Strat® compatible heels.

* Tele® necks fit only Tele® neck pockets, they will not fit Strat® pockets correctly nor will they intonate without modifying the pocket fit.

* Warmoth offers either neck pocket on all our 6 string bodies. HOWEVER, bodies routed with odd pockets (ie Tele® pocket on non Tele® body, ect) are NOT returnable.

* Strat® necks will fit into a Tele® pocket and intonate correctly. Gaps will however be apparent at the corners as shown in the photo below.

* Strat® Neck in a Tele® Neck Pocket.
A 22 fret neck's fretboard overhang
would cover the gap.

3-Bolt Micro Tilt Pocket

3-Bolt compatible pockets are available. We drill and rout for all the screws and round plate.
Available on Strat® and Tele® bodies.
- Yes, we can do 3 bolt necks.
- No, we don't have the 3-bolt hardware.

This custom feature option is $15 extra.


We offer two different angles.   The big angle is for use with the Gibson Tune-O-Matic type bridges, the Gotoh 510 bridge and the Schaller 456 bridge (all stud mount).   The small angle is for use with a non-recessed Floyd Rose bridge rout to minimize any need for neck shims.

This custom feature option is $10 extra.


Standard Neck Pocket720 MOD Pocket

Our "720 Mod" lowers the floor of a standard neck pocket from .0625" to .0720".  This effectively reduces the height of the gap between the body top and the bottom of the fretboard at the 22nd fret.

Doing this mod on a body that requires use of a pickguard that normally occupies that gap would be disastrous to the neck's fretboard.   So for that reason,
we ONLY offer the 720 Mod on REAR ROUTED bodies.

* Bodies that already require an angled neck pocket because of being a carved top or because of a particular bridge choice are NOT eligible for this additional modification.

* If you are planning to use a neck that has neck binding on it, do NOT get this mod.

* Only bodies built from scratch can have this mod.

This custom feature option is $45 extra.