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Neck Pocket Dimensions

Warmoth adheres to Fender's® USA vintage/original neck pocket dimensions in all our offerings (except when noted).

Strat®-style and Tele®-style neck pockets measure the same. The critical dimensions are:

  • Width = 2-3/16" (56 mm)
  • Length = 3" (76 mm)
  • Pocket Depth = 5/8" (16 mm)

Neck Pocket Shapes

Strat® and Tele® neck pockets share the same dimensions, but they are not always interchangeable due to their different shapes. A Tele® neck has a squared heel, while a Strat® neck's heel is rounded:

A Strat®-shape heel fits best in a Strat®-shaped pocket. It will also fit and intonate in a Tele®-shaped pocket, but will leave small gaps in the corners of the neck pocket. A 22 fret neck's fretboard overhang would cover the gap:

A Tele®-shape heel only fits in a Tele®-shaped pocket. It will not fit or intonate in a Strat® pocket without neck pocket modification:

Most Warmoth replacement guitar bodies use the rounded Strat®-style neck pocket. Only Tele® bodies use the squared Tele®-style pocket (except when noted). Use the information below to help you choose:

Bodies with Strat®-style pocket:

  • All Strat® bodies except the Hybrid Strat®
  • Most other 6 string guitar bodies
  • Hybrid Tele® body

Bodies with Tele®-style pocket:

  • All Tele® bodies except Hybrid Tele® and Tele® Deluxe
  • Hybrid Strat® body

An opposite-of-standard neck pocket (e.g., a Tele® pocket on Strat® body) can be custom-ordered on most 6-string bodies for an extra $15. Bodies routed with odd pockets are NOT returnable. If you plan to use a pickguard on such a body you must be certain you match the neck pocket shapes correctly.

Other Heels and Pockets

A few Warmoth guitar bodies, such as the Super 7 and Bass 6, use different dimensions.

3-Bolt Micro Tilt Pocket

3-Bolt compatible pockets are available. We drill and rout for all the screws and round plate.
Available on Strat® and Tele® bodies.

  • Yes, we can do 3 bolt necks.
  • No, we don't have the 3-bolt hardware.

This custom feature option is $15 extra.

Angled Neck Pockets

We offer two different angles. The big angle is for use with the Gibson Tune-O-Matic type bridges, the Gotoh 510 bridge and the Schaller 456 bridge (all stud mount). The small angle is for use with a non-recessed Floyd Rose bridge rout to minimize any need for neck shims.

This custom feature option is $10 extra.

  • Bodies that already require an angled neck pocket because of being a carved top or because of a particular bridge choice are NOT eligible for this additional modification.

The 720 Mod

Standard Neck Pocket

720 Mod Pocket

Our "720 Mod" lowers the floor of a standard neck pocket from .625" to .720". This reduces the height of the gap between the top of the body and the bottom of the fretboard where it overhangs at the 22nd fret. This custom option is $45 extra.

Compatibility Issues

  • The 720 Mod is available on rear-routed bodies only. It is not available on any body that is configured for a pickguard. Trying to tighten a neck in a 720-modded pocket while a pickguard is in the gap between the body and the overhanging fretboard will cause the fretboard to split off.
  • The 720 mod is not available on bodies that require an angled neck pocket. These include carved tops and bodies routed for certain bridges.
  • If the neck you plan to install has binding on it, do not get this mod. Binding often hangs lower than the overhanging fretboard end, and damage may result.
  • Available on "Custom Build" bodies only. The 720 Mod is not available on Showcase bodies.