Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Control Cavity

Control Cavity

Top Rout Bodies

Most electric guitar bodies are routed from the top of the body for pickups and control cavities. A pickguard or scratch plate is used to cover these cavities and provide a mounting platform for the pickups and controls. A body with the control cavity routed from the top is referred to as a "Top Rout" body.

Rear Rout Bodies

When beautiful woods are used on a body it is often desirable to cut the control cavity from the back. This way there is no need to cover the beautiful face wood with a pickguard or scratch plate. It also provides more room inside for complex electronics. Bodies that are routed from the back are referred to as "Rear Rout" bodies. Warmoth provides covers and screws for these control cavities free of charge with your new Warmoth body purchase. A custom rear rout control cover is available for an additonal charge. Call or email to request one (only available for guitars we've manufactured).