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Binding is applied to the edge of a body to add definition and contrast. It is a great way to enhance the appearance of a guitar or bass body. Let our quality binding work add a distinguished look to your next dream guitar.

We rout a groove around the edge of the body and then glue the binding into the groove. After the glue has cured, the binding is scraped and sanded smooth and flush with the body. A fair amount of labor is involved in this process and it takes a skilled hand and an eye for detail. Our binding material measures about 0.090" thick by 0.25" tall (2mm x 6mm).


For bodies receiving a Warmoth finish, add $30 per binding side to the finish price for the added labor of prepping and scraping the binding.

Available Bindings


Black Binding


White Binding


Cream Binding


Ivoroid Binding


Pearloid Binding


Tortoise Binding

Drop Top Binding

Special Drop Top binding available on Strat® and J Bass® bodies only. That's right, the binding follows the forearm contour and looks super custom! Expect a slightly sharper radius on the body top to accommodate the traditional binding aesthetics and because of how we build these, you must have a laminate top on your body.

Pricing for the Drop Top Binding on your J Bass® or Strat® body is $110.

On Flat Top Bodies

Flat top bodies with square edges are the easiest to bind.

Standard price: $85 per side (top or bottom)

Some flat top bodies because of their shape and size are more difficult and expensive to bind.

Large size body price $95 per side (top or bottom)

On Carved Top Bodies

Carved top bodies are much more challenging to bind because the cut becomes three dimentional.

Price: $110.00

On single-cut body styles the top lam is visible below the neck pocket.


Binding on Carved Tops. On carved top guitars with binding the seam between the top wood and the core wood will be visible in the cutaway areas near the neck pocket. This is normal. Once finished this may be hidden depending on the colors chosen.

On double-cut body styles the top lam is visible both above and below the neck pocket.

Masked Accent

Natural Wood Masked Accent


Drop Top Masked Accent

Natural Wood Masked Accent


Laminate Accent

Light Wood Accent


Dark Wood Accent


The Laminate Accent is simply a contrasting color sandwiched between the top wood and the body wood. The stripe is about 0.030" thick. This is not available on Chambered or Thinline bodies.

Double Bound Bodies

The Tele shape is one of the most popular bodies to bind both the front AND back! It's a very classy look for burst finishes and even for simple solid colors like the edge shots you see below! Let your mind run wild with the color and binding material option choices!

Note:Binding not available on Diamondback, V-R, V-K, WGD, or Z (guitar/bass)