Gotoh 4 String Bass Bridge, Chrome

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Gotoh 4 String Bass Bridge, Chrome

Gotoh 4 String Bass Bridge, Chrome
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Item #: G201C
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This is a top quality cast bridge with the standard 3/4" (19mm) string spacing. It features stock Fender mounting holes and is adjustable for string height and intonation. Comes with matching mounting screws and Allen wrench.

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by Marty Nickel
on 4/27/2014
Didn't work on a 1999 MIM Jazz
Being cast, the bridge is thicker than the stock pressed metal.  Add to that the saddles are quite a bit larger than the originals.  I did get it work by using the saddles from the factory bridge and drilling out the adjustment screw holes so I could use the factory screws.  Even still, the saddles are on the very tips of the screws for D and G, since the bridge is so thick.

I'd go with a different bridge.  
by Tom
on 12/8/2013
Super Solid but leaves action too high for some
This bridge has it's plusses and minuses - it is very massive, and added a great deal of improvement to the general sonic quality of my 70's Jazz Bass- really more pop, clarity, snap, whatever- but - and it's a pretty big but, the size of this thing raised the strings so much higher than the stock bridge that if you have a smooth, fluid style of playing, it's just too high for that. Great for heavy handed players, but even with the saddles adjusted as low as possible, it's just too high for a lot of guys, myself included. Anybody have another idea?
by Michael Aaron
on 11/21/2013
I installed this on an 08 MIM Fender Precision.  I'm new to bass playing and this was my first mod ever.  I admit I was nervous.

The term "drop in replacement" is about as accurate as can be:  SO easy!  I reused the original screws and they fit perfectly.  You can do this!

I may shim the neck to get a little lower action, but the bass was definitely playable right after installation.  With the saddle on the E string lowered all the way down, I get 4/32” on the 17th fret.  I may shim to get 3/32”.

Even being a new bass player, I immediately noticed a difference in tone and feel.  This will be going on all of my basses for sure.

This was so successful that it has inspired me not only to use this on all of my basses, but to do even more modifications.

Money and time well spent.  I will order this bridge again and I will order from Warmoth again without hesitation.
by Sal
on 3/29/2013
Best Value
There is no better direct replacement Fender 4-string bridge out there. Well made, grat quality, grat price. I put one on a a project Jazz bass, and I am in the process of building another. This will be the bridge I use on that one, as well.
by Luis
on 11/5/2012
Awesome bridge upgrade !!!
this gotoh 201 bass bridge gave my fender mexican jazz bass a new look and also more sustain and i notice a bit better tone !!! it's amazing for this prize it can't get any better
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