Genuine Floyd Rose® Original Tremolo, Black

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Genuine Floyd Rose® Original Tremolo, Black

Genuine Floyd Rose® Original Tremolo, Black
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This is the Original Floyd Rose® brand double locking tremolo famous for deep diving bends and tuning stability! The strings are locked at the bridge and at the nut allowing aggressive tremolo use with the confidence you’ll come back in tune. Micro-tuners on the tremolo make for easy fine tuning adjustments. It features hardened steel construction throughout, a removable tremolo arm and original saddles for plain-end string anchoring. This is the preferred modern tremolo for many premium guitar manufacturers and famous artists.

  • 10" string radius (bridge).
  • 10" string radius (locking nut).
  • String spread is 2-3/32" (53mm).
  • 37mm block.

Note: There are many bridges made under Floyd Rose patents. Unfortunately, their physical dimensions are not uniform. On our bodies, we only offer routing for the Original Floyd Rose tremolo and for the Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo, both of which we sell. If you are buying a new Warmoth body and are either buying a bridge on the same order or can provide us with the studs and inserts, we can install the inserts in the body for just +$10. (Must be the correct size for our mounting holes).


Comes complete with:
1 Bridge
1 Tremolo Arm
3 Springs
1 Claw
2 Claw Screws
2 Mounting Studs
2 Allen Wrenches
1 Full Width Bar String Retainer with screws
1 Locking Nut


Please choose one of the following nut sizes
included with your bridge purchase
For Right Hand
R2 For 1-5/8" Nut width
R3 For 1-11/16" Nut width, narrow string spacing (good for necks with binding)
R4 For 1-11/16" Nut width, standard string spacing

For 1-3/4" Nut width




To purchase locking nut separately click here

To purchase mounting studs & inserts separately click here

To purchase string retainer bar separately click here

Floyd Rose Style Tremolo Routing

Drilled for .390" (9.91 mm) diameter insert. Angled neck pocket recommended.

NOTE: Rout not available on Tele® Deluxe bodies. Studs interfere with pickguard.

Recessed Original Floyd Tremolo Routing

Drilled for .390" (9.91 mm) diameter insert.

NOTE: Rout not available on Tele® Deluxe bodies. Studs interfere with pickguard.

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by Chris
on 5/11/2012
Best thing I've ever bought!
First I wanna thank Warmoth for my hookup. This was an instant change in feel and tone. Waiting for my big block! It stays in tune perfectly! I do very heavy pull ups and dive bombs, pull ups especially for those screamin' Dime squeals! Amazing tremolo! It is worth every penny! I put in on my ESP/LTD M100FM soo that originally came with a Floyd rose special... Great tremolo but doesn't stay in tune for long. The original Floyd is the stuff if your a heavy whammyer!
by james
on 1/7/2010
This is the perfect tremolo. I bought this for a project guitar and am thinking of having one installed on my gibson exxplorer. Anyone making a guitar and wants a floyd rose....GET THE ORIGINAL NOT A LICENSED!!!
by ryan
on 12/26/2009
oh baby!
I have owned and played many licensed floyd rose tremolos in my life but this original floyd rose is by far the best. For anyone wondering it is a original "made in germany" floyd rose. Tuning stability with pull-ups and divebombs is incredible. Add a big block to it and you will have the ultimate guitar bridge. For anyone building a guitar or replacing an old floyd rose, go with the original.
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