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Gecko Pickups and Electronics

Basslines ASB5s and Aguilar OBP-1 Shown

One pickup or Two?

The Gecko works well as a one or two pickup bass. You’ll want to choose your pickups to match your tone needs and playing style. Two pickups offer broad frequency response and a wider variety of tones, while a single pickups can deliver a more focused midrange sound and leave more room to dig in under the strings.

Active or Passive?

Most players prefer an active system for a 5 or 6 string bass to get the most out of the low B, and the Gecko is designed to accept a wide range of active electronics packages. Active pickups can deliver a more modern, brilliant tone, while passive pickups with an active preamp can give you a vintage vibe while retaining plenty of low-end punch.

E.Q. or no E.Q?

Active and passive pickups can be used with a passive tone control that rolls off highs, or with an active EQ circuit that allows you to boost or cut frequencies. Passive tone controls give you a simplified control layout, while onboard EQ gives you more tone shaping flexibility.

Which pickups will work in my Gecko?

Find your bass in the list below to find the best pickups for your application

5 String Pickups

Pickups for the "Wide 5"

6 String Pickups

Pickups for the 6-String Gecko

Preamps and Onboard EQ Circuits
(For use with all Gecko’s)