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Gecko 6 String Bass

The Gecko 6 String bass series is specifically designed to bring professional bassists their most desired features and functions in any degree of assembly that suits their finances or abilities. These premium quality pieces (and they truly are premium) incorporate woods, construction, and design elements found only on top of the line instruments retailing for $2500 and more.

Depending upon what features you choose, a Gecko may be assembled for less than half this price. Gecko components have been designed and manufactured with ease of assembly in mind. You can do this! Be assured, you won’t find a more exceptional bass for your hard-earned money, anywhere.

Gecko 6 String Necks

Neck Builder

  • Nut width: 2-1/4" (57.2mm)
  • Width at 24th fret: 3.3" (83.8mm)
  • String pitch at the bridge: 21/32" (16.5mm)
  • Straight 14" (355.60 mm) fretboard radius

The asymmetrical profile of this wide neck makes playing more comfortable and allows full access to the two octave fretboard. This neck features two truss rods to enable relief to be set independently on the bass and treble sides of the neck for optimum action and playability. The wide heel is attached with 6 bolts for superior stability and sonic coupling.

Neck Details
All standard Gecko bass necks feature 5-piece laminated construction (using bloodwood or purpleheart for the lam depending on availability), 35" scale and 24 fret fretboards. Each neck has been fine sanded, and dipped in a penetrating sealer, ready for final spray finishing. Through holes are drilled .551" (14mm) for Gotoh tuning machines. Neck mounting holes are also predrilled. Choose from our list of fretwire types to install. A black truss rod cover and screws are provided. Please see the paint & finish section for finishing options. If you prefer a blank fretboard, we can omit the Gecko inlay for an additional $35.

See Below

Example of a Maple Laminate Neck

Example of a Wenge Laminate Neck
The Gecko series bass necks feature an asymmetric neck profile for a more comfortable, fast feeling. These necks "feel" thin, but retain sufficient bulk for strength and tone. The asymmetric neck profile keeps perceived neck bulk down for maximum hand comfort and to create a thinner, fast feeling neck. The bass side of the neck is thicker, with the treble side being thinner. Your thumb will find easy reference as your hand glides up and down the neck. This is a very comfortable neck to play.
NOTE: All Gecko necks are available fretted or fretless at the same price.
Unlined fretless necks have the side position markers moved to the
exact fret positions, rather than between them.

Fretless Line Option

Contrasting strips of wood inlaid into the fretless fretboard at the usual fret positions. Maple lines are used in dark woods, black lines are used maple. Additional $105
Headstock Veneer:

A laminate added to the front of the headstock to match the body for a more consistent look. Available in most top woods.

Prices for Headstock Veneer
For Flame Maple, Quilted Maple, Birdseye Maple, Zebra Wood, Lacewood, Walnut, Koa, Rosewood, Black Fibre Add - $45 to the neck cost
For Spalted Maple, Flame Koa, Macassar Ebony, Flame Walnut Add - $55 to the neck cost

Gecko 6

Pricing Table

Fingerboard Woods

Neck Woods
MapleIndian RosewoodPau FerroBubingaGoncalo AlvesPurpleheartBloodwoodWengeEbonyZiricoteEbony (Black)

Description Qty. and Part Number Price
Black Neck Washers 6 x NW $7.20