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Charles Schofield

Stateline, NV, United States

I got the bug to use my basic skills and abilities, to assemble and set up a J Bass® style exactly to my liking. Mission accomplished!! I wanted a bass with everything on my "list": Growly, articulate, punchy as hell, a great balance of tone available at a touch, or slap! My J Bass® style has a swamp ash body painted "Surf Green". Let me tell you, the color really pops. And on stage with the multi-colored lights, it looks beautiful as it changes with each color. The swamp ash body was chosen for it's woody thump and growly mids. Also, because it is quite light, and easier on MY body. The neck is flame maple, with a flame maple fingerboard. Again chosen for it's midrangey bite and beauty. I didn't order any "unique choice" from Warmoth's site. What they sent me is beyond my expectations in terms of beautiful "tiger stripes" and wavy flames! When I opened the shipping carton, my jaw literally dropped! I read the comments on Warmoth's site about steel vs graphite stiffening rods. I trusted their recommendation to go with steel. There are no dead spots on any part of the fretboard whatsoever! And the craftsmanship is absolutely top notch!! The fretwork,and attention to detail, is as good as it gets. Hand crafted by an expert; exactly what I wanted! I'll be re-doing the Tusk nut, as I filed it too much, repaired it several times. Now I'll start over with a new blank. Probably, I'll have my very competent luthier do that for me. (Not Warmoth's fault) Pickups are Lindy Frailin. I tried a Mexican Fender a friend of mine owns after he upgraded to Frailins. I was so impressed with how good his bass sounded, I had to give them a try. After a lot of trial and error set up work, and experimentation......"home run"! Love them and recommend them highly. Everything I want, and that's a lot, is there with the Frailin Jazz pickups. very very pleased! The bridge is a HipShot type A. It is solid brass and gives the bass sustain forever, it seems. I love the fine tuning ability it has for string spacing. You can get the strings to pass over the pickups' pole pieces dead center! I think that's a big deal in terms of how the pickups "read" the string's vibration. Intonation , and string height is exact with the adjustment screws. Great bridge for many reasons. It does add some noticeable weight however. Tuners are also HipShot, ultralight. The E string has the drop tuner. I've had several sets of this company's tuners, bridges etc. All I can say is they make GREAT stuff. No looking back, for me. Finally there's the Stellartone "Tonestyler" passive tone control. Purchased from Bestbassgear.com. I love it! I didn't think it was that big a deal at first, but now that I've had my new bass out on 8 or 10 gigs or so, it is an indispensable tool. All I can say is, I think if the cost isn't prohibitive, try one. But give it a while to "dawn on you" how it can be used. I've been playing bass since 1965. I am a working bassist and own many, many basses. After a lifetime of experimenting with everything from Alembic, Ken Smith, Spector.... you name it... I have come full circle back to Fender"ish" basses. Warmoth gives us the ability to make many many choices in creating a unique bass, just the way you would like it. In my case, I had been dreaming up what I would like to have for quite a while, as per my past experience. That's why I knew I would love swamp ash, an all maple neck and fingerboard, frailins, etc. It worked out beyond my expectations. To say I am pleased is an understatement. Dealing with Warmoth was straight up business as it should be. I was told that it could be 6-8 weeks before my items shipped. It was six weeks. USPS "priority Mail" took 3 days from WA to NV. Everything I ordered was as correct. There were no flaws in anything. Perfect! If I had "money to burn", I could easily make building basses a new hobby. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and the challenge. Go Warmoth!