Fret Recrowning Files, Set of 3

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Fret Recrowning Files, Set of 3

Fret Recrowning Files, Set of 3
Item #: FS3
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Fret Recrowning Files, Set of 3

1R Small-radius: Cutting width: 1.47mm (0.058") for narrow frets
2R Medium-radius: Cutting width: 2.68mm (0.105") for medium frets
3R Large-radius: Cutting width: 2.68mm (0.105") for jumbo frets

Uo-Chikyu by Hiroshima Files

Hiroshima Files was founded in 1937 in its namesake city - a city known in Japan as the best source of high quality files. They started to make precision nut and fret file in 1983 after getting requests from major Japanese instrument manufacturers. Since then they have become the file of choice for many of the major builders around the world. Think of a guitar company and you're probably thinking of a company that uses their Uo-Chikyu brand files.
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