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4-String Bass Necks

Fender® pioneered the detachable neck concept some 50 years ago. To this day, they continue to use the same basic dimensions on most of their offerings. Many other manufacturers have adopted these same dimensions into some of their own products (Kramer, ESP, Ibanez, etc.).

Unfortunately, this is not universal and therefore problems of fit do arise. Warmoth has held to the Fender® dimensions in all our offerings (exceptions noted). Of significant note is the 3-bolt "micro-tilt" arrangement. Warmoth does not offer a neck to fit the 3-bolt body. To adapt our necks will require converting to the more common 4-bolt neck plate.

To check compatibility of non Fender® instruments, the simplest method is direct comparison. In lieu of this, the critical dimensions for bass guitars are:

Scale length can generally be calculated as the distance from nut to 12th fret x 2. Exact scale length is measured from nut to bridge.

Our 21 fret over hung fretboard is a direct replacement for 20 fret Fender® bass necks. No modifications are necessary. The fretboard simply extends over the pickguard. With the exception of some of the Tele head basses, all the Fender® basses have a standard rounded heel (as shown below). Some Tele® head models feature squared heels. Warmoth does not offer squared heel bass necks.

Note: Most of our necks are supplied with mounting holes drilled. You may request to leave the mounting holes not drilled for an additional $15.

Deluxe 5 Bass Necks

Warmoth's Deluxe 5 replacement necks adhere to the specs and dimensions of Fender's® original 4-bolt American Deluxe 5. Warmoth does not offer a neck to fit the newer 5-bolt design.

To check compatibility, the simplest method is direct comparison. The critical dimensions for basses are:

Standard 5 MIM Bass Necks

The Standard 5 neck was patterned after a Fender® Made in Mexico Standard 5 bass.

30" and 32" Short Scale Bass Necks

32" Scale Neck

30" Scale Neck

Warmoth short scale necks are not designed as retrofit parts for any other manufacturer (ie Fender® MIJ, SX, etc...). Our 30" and 32" necks are designed for our short scale bodies ONLY.

Known Incompatibilities

Music Man Basses® / G&L Basses®
These basses do not share compatibility with the Fender® dimensions. Warmoth does not offer necks to fit these basses.

P Bass® Deluxe, J Bass® Deluxe, P Bass® Special, P Bass® "Lyte"
These Fender® basses feature 22 fret necks and are NOT compatible with Warmoth replacement bodies and necks.