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Warmoth Super Bass Neck Construction

Double Expanding Truss Rod | Stiffening Bars

The Warmoth Super Bass neck combines our double-expanding truss rod with two steel or graphite stiffening bars for the most stable, playable, and best sounding bass replacement neck on the market.

Double Expanding Bass Neck Truss Rod

At the heart of every Super Bass neck is Warmoth's double-expanding truss rod. This rod design greatly enhances neck stability, and contributes to longevity because the rod's inward compression is absorbed by the rod itself, rather than the neck wood.

Benefits of the double expanding truss rod

  • Extremely stable, seasonal adjustments are rarely necessary
  • No end to end wood compression to eventually distort the neck

Stiffening Bars

The stiffening bars installed on either side of the truss rod in Super Bass necks enhance stability and add mass, which helps to eliminate dead spots. Steel is standard. Graphite bars are also available for an additional $60. Our graphite bars are over-sized for steel-like rigidity with less weight, and exhibit a warmer tone.

Steel Stiffening Bars

Benefits of Steel Bars

  • Increased mass contributes to long sustain
  • Clean and clear notes
  • Even frequency response

Graphite Stiffening Bars

Benefits of Graphite Bars

  • As stiff as steel bars, with less weight
  • Warm frequency response similar to a vintage neck
  • $60 extra