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Bass Necks Nut Widths

Nut Width is definitely a significant factor in determining how your neck will feel. Large hands love a wider nut width as it feels more comfortable. Some intricate playing styles such as "slap-bass" are best served on a wider nut width for room to groove! Lightening fast fret-hand playing will enjoy a smaller nut width. Pick the size that suits your hands and playing style!

1-1/2" (38mm)

This is the smallest nut width size and standard for the 4-string J Bass®. Most modern 4 string basses use this width. Our Tele® Bass neck can be ordered in this size. Short scale 32" and 30" bass necks are only available in this nut width.

1-5/8" (41mm)

This nut width size sits between the typical J Bass® and P Bass® neck nut widths. It can be ordered on any 34" scale 4-string neck.

1-11/16" (43mm)

This is the standard size for P Bass® necks. Our Tele® Bass neck can be ordered in this size also.

1-3/4" (44mm)

This nut width is the narrowest option for the Deluxe 5 neck series. It is also the standard nut width for the Warmoth 8-string bass.

1-7/8" (48mm)

This is the widest nut option for the Deluxe 5 neck series. This is also the standard nut with for the Small and Medium Gecko neck series.

2-3/16" (55mm)

This is the nut width for the Gecko Wide 5-string.

2-1/4" (57mm)

This is the nut width size for the Gecko 6-string bass necks.