2TEK 5 String Bass Bridge, narrow string spread, Bright Nickel

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2TEK 5 String Bass Bridge, narrow string spread, Bright Nickel

2TEK 5 String Bass Bridge, narrow string spread, Bright Nickel
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.656" string spacing (16.66mm). This is a narrower string spacing for 5 string basses. Mounting screws and adjustment wrench included. Trim ring sold separately.

2TEK bridges grew in popularity during the 90's with several companies using their bridges on their products (Hamer, Peavey, PRS and others) and several prominent artist endorsements (Lee Sklar, Michael Anthony, Vince Gill and several others). 2TEK designs their bridges so that each saddle sits on a long pedestal (or finger) that attaches to the base plate. This increases the mass and eliminates cross-talk between the strings. The result is a clean, punchy sound that makes the upgrade to a 2TEK Bridge well worth it. We can overrout for 2TEK bridges on your existing Warmoth bodies, so please give us a call, 253-845-0403, or email us at sales@warmoth.com. If you have a flat top body with a hard tail bridge (not a Stoptail bridge!), we can rout the body for you. Bodies routed for a tremolo bridge or carved top bodies cannot be re-routed.

For complete info on 2TEK bridges click here.

Benefits of 2TEK Bridges

  • The long pedestals (or fingers) isolate the saddles from eachother which eliminates cross-talk between strings.
  • More clarity in notes provided by less cross-talk.
  • More sustain.
  • Additional mass creates more punch.
  • 35% weight reduction since the original 2TEK Bridge design in the 90's
  • In some cases, the additional mass of the 2TEK Bridge can help reduce the number of dead spots in some vintage style basses.
  • Machined out of solid brass.
  • Made in America.

2TEK Bridge Construction

2TEK has a unique bridge design that has the benefits of single saddle bridges with the added mass that leads to punchier, cleaner notes that most guitar and bass players are looking for.

  • Saddles placed on individual pedestals (fingers).
  • Pedestals span from the front of the guitar or bass body to the back plate, which is attached to the back of the body.
  • Mounting ring is mounted on the front of the guitar or bass body.
  • Machined out of solid brass.
  • Available only in bright nickel finish.

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