Vintage 6 Hole Tremolo, Chrome

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Vintage 6 Hole Tremolo, Chrome

Vintage 6 Hole Tremolo, Chrome
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Item #: SST2C
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Made by Gotoh, this tremolo unit is modeled after the bridge used on the original Stratocaster® guitars and various re-issues. The vintage style tremolo is bolted to the body with 6 screws and has a string spread of 2-7/32" (56.36mm). If you are looking for a durable, high quality vintage style tremolo to retrofit your guitar, this is the one!


Comes complete with:
1 Bridge
1 Tremolo Arm
5 Springs
1 Claw
2 Claw Screws
6 Mounting Screws
1 Allen Wrench

Vintage 6 Hole Tremolo Routing

Mounting screw hole diameter: 1/8", (.125"), (3.18 mm)

NOTE: Some Mexican-Fender® and Squire® instruments have a narrower 2 1/16" (52.4 mm) mounting screw spread. You will have to plug those holes and redrill new mounting holes for these bodies to use this standard vintage sized bridge.

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by Andres
on 11/2/2014
nice and firm bridge
it arrive and a paper carton box, all the parts are good. already installed in my project, a tele neck and a strat body, blue sapphire trasparent color, stays in tune like a real vintage one. being honest, tried to drill a hole in the claw to soldering the ground cable and discovered it is very solid metal, hard to drill. the springs look small but are strong. I like that too and used the five stays. intonation is good. the block is good superb nice & cute will install in all my projects. hoping they do not raise the price. looks like cheap but it is very good. the arm is a little short for my taste so I use another old one a little larger. already have in stock at home but all parts together make a good sound and enhance the harmonics and gets back in Hendrix styling tremolo usage.
by Erik
on 8/18/2012
Vintage Design Problem - Not a Supplier Problem
I will give it a 3 because I believe it faithfully reproduces the vintage stratocaster tremolo.  I did not have any tuning stability issues like the previous reviewer.  My problem was with the arm.  Because it screws in, at the point at which it becomes tight the arm may not be pointing toward the neck, which is the direction you will want it to point when using it.  To get it to point toward the neck, you have to unscrew the arm a partial turn.  However, that means that there is a lot of slop in the connection between the arm and the tremolo when in use.  I am looking for a work around, but feel there are better tremolo designs out there that get around this problem.
by Bill Franco
on 7/30/2009
The Best of the Vintage Designs
I think this is the best of the vibrato designs from the vintage era.  It's more efficient than the Bigsby style, or the other vibratos Fender designed.  However, there's a reason locking vibratos came into play.  These can be inconsistent when trying to stay in tune, and not always reliable.  There are ways to set them up to stay in tune, but expect to go out on a fairly regular basis.  That said, they seem to be good enough for Jeff Beck, and he's the "Chosen One."
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