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Truss Rods

Truss Rods

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Bass Double Expanding Truss Rod, approximately 20-7/8" long


Guitar Double Expanding Truss Rod, approximately 15-7/8" long


Guitar Vintage Truss Rod for One Piece Neck, approximately 17-3/4" long

Guitar Vintage Truss Rod for Two Piece Neck, approximately 17-1/2" long


Wrench - 5/32in
For adjusting Warmoth Vintage/Modern and Tiltback Bass necks.


Wrench - 7/32in
Useful for adjusting a range of Warmoth necks.


Wrench - Modern SET
Wrenches for both the truss rod and side-adjust mechanism.


Wrench - 5/16in Tiltback
Fits the 5/16" acorn nut on Warmoth Tiltback construction necks.


Bass Stiffening Rods, 20-1/8" long, Pair


Truss Rod Nut, 5/32" Broached, 9/32" Diameter x 7/8" Long


Truss Rod Nut, 5mm Broached, 3/8" Diameter, 2 5/8" Long


Truss Rod Nut, Acorn, 5/16" Diameter x 5/16" Long


Truss Rod Nut, Double Slot, 3/8" Diameter x 7/8" Long


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