Tele, Stock, Hybrid Stagger

Tele, Stock, Hybrid Stagger

Tele, Stock, Hybrid Stagger
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    SET Includes:
    • Neck
    • Bridge

    (From the Lindy Fralin website)

    The Fender Telecaster™ was the first true production electric solid body. The unmistakable twang and solid feel make this workhorse a classic guitar design.

    Our Tele replacement pickups are a reproduction of the 50’s style using black fiberboard bobbin parts, cloth leads, ALNICO V or ALNICO III magnets, or 1/2 & 1/2. (ALNICO III’s were used in some pre-’55 Fender Telecasters.)

    On 1/2 & 1/2 pickups, we put the ALNICO III magnets in the E, A & G position and the ALNICO V magnets in the D, B & high E. This puts the brighter magnets where they are most useful.

    Stock Tele® Replacement Style NECK
    Wound to 7 K with 43 gauge Plain Enamel wire. Bright, clear and classic. Comes with chrome cover.

    NOTE: Both the metal cover and over winding make the pickup darker in tone, so covers are available only on our stock neck for Teles.

    Stock Tele® Replacement Style BRIDGE
    Wound with 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire to approximately 6.6k (8,800 turns).

    Approximate Ohm Readings:
    • Neck: 7k
    • Bridge: 6.6k

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