Warner Hodges

"When I realized I needed a LP Jr. that could take my abuse and played like a Telecaster®,
there was only one place I could go. . .Warmoth. . . where both of my main Tele® neck's and bodies
were from in the eighties. I used those guitars for countless shows and FLIGHTS.
I NEVER had a problem with either guitar unless I caused it. I am extremely hard on instruments live
and I knew the Warmoth bodies and necks could take the beating. My new mahogany chambered Tele®, with Fralin® Twangmasters,
is as tough as they come. With the Totally Vintage Fat neck, I could not be happier.
It gives me tons of sustain and takes an absolute beating but is always ready for more.
Thank you all at Warmoth for making products that stand the test of time. It is nice to know somebody cares about
quality control and being consistent with ALL of their work. A guitar player could not ask for any more!!!
I am forever in your debt."

Warner E. Hodges
(Jason & the Scorchers, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin)

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