Vicky Beeching

"Absolutely love playing is so light weight, yet has great tone. The finish on the body is stunning... lots of comments about the translucent black burst and the natural masked binding. Funny enough the MOST comments I get from fans is about the star inlays...a real hit! Loads of people asked where the guitar is from."

"...It's a brilliant instrument and I got lots of compliments on the sound and the look. So THANKS to Warmoth for building such beautiful parts!"


"Vicky Beeching often gets called a 'fascinating mixture'."

She is British-born, but has lived Stateside for the past seven years. During her years in the USA she travelled relentlessly across the USA, Canada, South America and Europe. She was in a different State or country almost every week.

Vicky is part academic/thinker/theologian, and part songwriter/musician/worship leader. After graduating at Oxford, Vicky was torn between further study, or diving in to her love of music full-time. A keen songwriter, with her first publishing contract at the age of 17 (EMI), Vicky had juggled the two passions while at Oxford. During the days she was in lectures and writing papers, but evenings and weekends were always spent songwriting, leading music at her local Church, or working on recordings. By the time she graduated, one of the albums she'd contributed to had gone 'Gold' and record labels were knocking at the door to sign her as a solo artist. Deciding study could be returned to at a later stage, Vicky signed a record deal with mega-label EMI and moved to the States to record and tour.

She has recorded three full-length albums and regularly shared stages with Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Rebecca St James, Delirious, Matt Redman, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Gungor, Switchfoot, Tim Hughes and many others.

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