A Revolutionary New approach to intonation!

From True Temperament's web site:

"We use the finest necks available anywhere, custom made for us by Warmoth Guitar Products** in the USA.
They are delivered with the fingerboards unslotted. Here in Sweden, using state-of-the-art CNC machining
technology we cut our unique curved fret slots and install the frets and the position markers."

True Temperament necks are supplied in two different Warmoth models - "Pro" and "Vintage Modern". They receive Warmoth necks as pictured above and then complete the necks with custom fret slots and frets.

For more information please visit TrueTemperament.com

"Pretty amazing to play on. The way the frets look, you may think it would feel strange to play on but the different feel was almost unnoticeable. The accurate intonation was noticeable though and worked as advertised! A great innovation indeed!"

Gregg Stewart
Warmoth Guitar Products

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