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Kevin Post's new album, "Intoxicated and Broken Hearted," is now available.

"I wrote every song but one, and I played all the guitars and steel guitars, and produced it as well, with a lot of help from the guys in the Blake Shelton band. I wrote four of the songs myself, including 'It's Still Awkward' and 'A Reason To Stay'."

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Warmoth Star Kevin Post has been up and down the road and played on country music's grandest stages. He's shared the stage with a wide assortment of country celebrities including Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley and Trace Adkins. Kevin also served as Terri Clark's music director for 7 years. Post continues this musical jaunt, which lately has carried him back to the bright lights of headlining big-time, under the helm of Blake Shelton, three-time CMA Male Vocalist.

Post has always been a reluctant singer, preferring the supporting role of sideman musician and background singer. But he steps into the spotlight for his new album, "Intoxicated and Broken Hearted." While he has no plans to exit Shelton's band for a solo career, he has found his artistic release for the meantime.

It was the hottest day of the year in the Pacific Northwest. While most sane people were staying home desperately trying to find any version of air conditioning they could, Warmoth was out in the desert...also trying to find any version of air condition we could.

We were at the Gorge Amphitheater, in Washington State, for the inaugural 2012 Watershed Festival. And we were there to catch up with Kevin Post, who is playing in the Blake Shelton Band. During our interview, Kevin talked about where he came from, where he’s going and why he’s taking his Warmoth Guitars along for the ride.

From his relaxed demeanor, sitting in a ball cap and T-shirt on a quiet air-conditioned tour bus, you'd never expect that Kevin Post was about to play one of the highlight shows of his career. Later that night, he would take the stage alongside, three-time CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, Blake Shelton to rock a capacity crowd. It's a gig that proves he's at the top of his game!

But this journey started years ago and quite a bit further south.

Kevin plays a Vintage Modern 21-fret Maple/Maple Telecaster® replacement neck with 6100 frets and a 1-5/8" TUSQ nut. The neck contour is Standard Thin and finished in Vintage Tint Satin.

It was growing up in Texas where Kevin first fell in love with the guitar. Like a lot of younger players, he dove head first into Eddie Van Halen and trying to learn, as he puts it, "something close" to Eddie's calling card, Eruption. From there, Kevin's tastes quickly widened and he fell in love with the tone and playing of a fellow Texas guitar slinger Stevie Ray Vaughan. "That's the tone I'm always going after," says Kevin, who is still an SRV devotee to this day.

After graduating from Texas State University and tasting some success with local bands, Kevin knew the next step was to get to Nashville. The relocation paid off. It didn’t take long for him to put down roots and make a name for himself. "It just seemed like the right move at the time. I got the gig with (Country Star) Terri Clark ten months later, and I've been touring ever since."

Kevin worked with Clark as a guitarist and bandleader for seven years. One day, as his contracts were coming to an end with her, Kevin was in need of a new gig. "I contacted Blake's (Shelton) bandleader and asked them if they needed a guy like me, who could play steel, slide, and electric guitars as well as sing. That was in '08, right when Blake's incredible streak of #1 hits was beginning. It was perfect timing."

Perfect timing indeed! Kevin has been riding high with Blake and his band for the last 4 years. Needless to say, when you're playing at the level he does, you can pretty much pick and choose exactly what instruments you’re going to play. Most instrument manufacturers are clamoring to get their product in the hands of someone with the type of exposure Kevin has. And like many of his high-profile peers in the industry, Kevin uses Warmoth custom bodies and necks.

When asked why he loves Warmoth products his answer is very matter of fact and to the point. "Options," says Kevin. "I know exactly what I like and what I want. Warmoth has so many options I can get exactly that. And the quality is great."

On that very, night he had a few Warmoth pieces in his guitar rack waiting for the show. That included one of his favorite Teles with a Warmoth Pro neck. "I really like the side adjust on those." In fact, he likes the gear enough that he is currently looking into his next Warmoth purchase. "Just have to nail down exactly what I want still," he says.

Kevin has plenty going on to keep his guitars busy. Besides being on the road with the Blake Shelton Band, he also just released a solo album titled, "Intoxicated and Broken-Hearted." For the album, he sang and wrote as well as played all of the electric and acoustic guitars.

"The Album’s been going well," says Post. According to him, he hasn't been able to promote it as much as he would like lately because of his commitments to Blake Shelton's touring schedule. But it's doing good and he's already beginning to plan the next album. "I think I'm going to have this whole band (current Blake Shelton Band line up) on it."

With playing for Shelton and a successful solo career, Kevin Post is on top right now. No question about it. From a college kid in Texas to one of the biggest bands on the road today, Kevin is still a real player. Again, Kevin can play anything, and he plays Warmoth. We thank him for that.

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