"My first experience with Warmoth was when my brother replaced the neck on one of his guitars. Before replacing the neck, this guitar was not anything to be excited about. Neither one of us were very impressed with the guitar. After replacing the original neck with a Warmoth compound radius neck, there was a major improvement in the sound and feel of the instrument. I was baffled. I had no idea that replacing the neck could make that big a difference. After that, I had to check out what the deal was with Warmoth! This is a great product. They can make anything you want! I've been experimenting with different necks and I'm close to nailing down what works best for me. The right radius, fret size, nut width, and many other small details can make a big difference in helping a guitarist play better. The options are pretty much unlimited! They have helped me tremendously to zero in on the small details. Check it out!"

Warmoth Goncalo neck used on the following songs on my CD “Lifeboat”:

"Jungle Book Overture- "Disney" section, the real clean 3 part guitars that functions like a bridge and leads back to the main head. The Goncalo neck had an amazing clean clear articulate sound. It sounded better than any of my other guitars on that section.

The same thing goes for the lead guitar on Gray Day. We plugged it in direct into a Wonders mic pre and then we added reverb. Everyone thinks that is a hollow body guitar but it is the black Warmoth Body with the Goncalo neck.

I also used in on the head for "Lost" and "Splash". It has a unique articulate voice that is very soothing."

--- Jimmy Herring

History -

1962- Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina

1975-Started playing guitar at age 13: first guitar was a Fender Bronco

1980-Attended Berklee College of Music Summer Session

1980-Graduated from high school

1984-85-Attended Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood, California

1986-Moved to Atlanta to teach at Atlanta Institute of Music; meets drummer Jeff Sipe

1986-88- plays with musicians such as Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, who introduce him to Col.
Bruce Hampton. Later meets and plays with Kofi Burbridge, Count Mbutu, and Matt Mundy.

1989- Asked to join Bruce, Oteil, and Jeff to form Aquarium Rescue Unit.

1989-1995- Aquarium Rescue Unit with Col. Bruce Hampton.

1995- Col. Hampton leaves ARU. Singer Paul Henson joins.

1997-Frogwings with Butch Trucks, Derek Trucks, John Popper, Kofi Burbridge, Oteil Burbridge, Marc Quinones

1998-99 - Jazz Is Dead with Billy Cobham, Alphonso Johnson, T Lavitz. After Billy Cobham departed in
1999, Rod Morgenstein and Jeff Sipe took over the drum chair.

2000-Project Z with Ricky Keller and Jeff Sipe . Begins recording Project Z’s Debut Album

2000-January-Auditions for Phil Lesh and does Spring Tour

2000 with Phil Lesh and Friends

2000 May- joins Allman Brothers from May to late September for ABB Summer 2000 Tour

2000 October- becomes full time member of Phil Lesh and Friends

2002- (March) Recorded Project Z’s second album (to be released in Aug/ Sept. 2005)

2002 Fall-joins original members of the Grateful Dead when they reunite as the Other Ones

2003 and 2004 – The Dead Summer Tours

2004 Fall- works on Mahavishnu (Meeting of the Spirits) and Miles Davis (Black Satin) Tribute Albums

2005- A short hiatus until going to play with The Codetalkers featuring Col. Bruce Hampton. Continues to play with Phil Lesh.

2006-Spring-Herring, Rodgers, Sipe, Fountain and Van Allen

2006-Summer- Herring, Rodgers, Sipe and Fountain

2006-Fall-Joins Widespread Panic for Fall Tour

2007- Continues to play with ARU, WSP and some close friends for now

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