Following the Baja Peninsula to its furthest point south will bring you to the dream destination of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Here, the familiar Land’s End rock formation signals you have arrived at some the best beaches, fishing and nightlife in the world. Cabo San Lucas is also home to the infamous Cabo Wabo Cantina owned by the “Red Rocker” himself, Sammy Hagar. Blasting on to the scene in the early 1970s with a band called Montrose, it was quite clear he was destined to be a rock icon. After Montrose, Sammy continued on with a very successful solo career including joining up with veteran rock group Van Halen for a number of best selling albums.

As the rock star career grew, Sammy made Cabo San Lucas his home and opened a modest rock club and restaurant. Now years later, the club has grown and is currently reputed to be the hottest rock club on the planet. During Sammy’s birthday month of October, you can find a steady stream of rock legends in town soaking up the sun by day, and tearing up the stage by night. Die hard fans from all over the globe cheerfully camp out in long lines to get into the shows during this chaotic season. Filling the musical gaps in and around the superstars is “Cabo”, the hard rocking, crowd pleasing house band. Picking this band for this venue has been no accident. This foursome can deliver the goods when it comes to diverse musical styles and dynamic vocal talents.

There was much excitement for Warmoth when the opportunity arose to hand deliver a Gecko 5 String Bass to the bass player of the band Cabo, Fabian Mendez. Warmoth Sales Manager, Gregg Stewart, traveled with friends on a pilgrimage down south to do just that!

Gregg & Fabian
Excerpt from Gregg Stewart
“ The house flown PA system at the Wabo is what you might expect of a large outdoor concert and the light system is equally impressive. When the band Cabo took the stage, all arms were in the air and the cheers were deafening, (in a good way!). As the band roared into their first song, bass player Fabian Mendez was playing his new Gecko. True to reputation, the Gecko’s tone was commanding. Definitely one of the best bass tones I’ve heard with full sounding notes that still remained defined down to the lowest registers….NICE GECKO FABIAN!!! A few nights later, when Sammy Hagar’s bass player, Mona, and lead guitar player, Victor, made a special appearance, Mona played Fabian’s Gecko and gave it the official thumbs up.

Mona – Bass Player for Sammy Hagar playing a Warmoth Gecko 5

Gregg Stewart – Michael Anthony – Fabian Mendez
I also had the privilege of talking with Michael Anthony of Van Halen who mentioned he owns a collection of Warmoth basses.

Fabian Mendez & his new Warmoth Gecko 5

Gill – Mona – Gregg all a’jammin live at the Wabo!

In the bandana > Vince, drummer for the band Pantera

Fabian thumping with his new Warmoth Gecko at the Cabo Wabo!

Gill’s got the shirt, now it’s about time for a Warmoth VIP he says!

Jorge, co-owner of the Cabo Wabo and friends! Hey, nice shirt!

The band “CABO” – Gill-Geovaughn-Salvador-Fabian

Cabo has a new original CD out and two of the songs have already debuted on the local radio station. Cabo may soon tour the U.S.A. to promote their new CD.

Eric Wislon at Cabo playing a Gecko

Fabian playing a Gecko with Stevie Wonder @ Cabo Wabo!

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