With the Femmes at Lollapalooza 2006. Photo credit Jake Nickell (www.jakenickell.com)

Brian Ritchie is co-founder and bass player/multi-instrumentalist for veteran folk-punk band Violent Femmes. Since their platinum-selling 1982 self-titled release, Violent Femmes have recorded six studio albums and toured more than 500 cities around the world. Last year Brian put together a Warmoth bass using a hard ash Custom T body in Candy Tangerine. The bass has a single Duncan Quarter-Pounder P pickup with no controls, a maple neck and fingerboard, and a custom pickguard. About the bass, Brian says:

"My orange sparkle paisley pickguard Warmoth Tele Bass is a big slab of bluesy punk positive energy!"

When the Femmes played in Seattle last year, Brian stopped by Warmoth to tour the shop and see how his bass was coming along:

And to return the favor, Warmoth’s Brian Goode got to sit in with the Femmes in Seattle!

For info and tour dates for Brian Ritchie and Violent Femmes, visit the Official Violent Femmes Site at www.vfemmes.com.

For more pictures of Brian’s tour of Warmoth and Brian Goode’s brush with fame, see the photo album on Brian Goode’s site: www.bwbass.com.



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