Bill Clements fell in love with the bass guitar at 13, inspired by the usual suspects (Geddy, Jaco, Berlin). At 21 Bill was already well respected in the West Michigan area as a player's player. It was then that he suffered the destruction of his lower right arm & hand in an industrial accident. Undeterred, Bill was gigging again in less than 3 months playing with only his left hand.

Bill then spent the next 17 years performing, recording & refining his unique one handed style. A chance meeting with Muzz Skillings (Living Color) motivated Bill to hang out his own shingle as a band leader. Bill's first record (undergroundalienbass) was reviewed in the June '05 issue of Bass Player magazine.

In November '05, Bill would like to thank Warmoth for their interest, great products, and service. I would also would like to thank Eden Electronics. It is an honor for me to work with them. Special thanks to Muzz, JauqoIII-X, Brian Bromberg, Victor Wooten, Low Down Sound ( for hooking me up with Eden, and the online bass community for their support.

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