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Stainless Steel 6150 Fretwire for guitar or bass

Stainless Steel 6150 Fretwire for guitar or bass
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Item #: FWSS6150
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NEW Stainless Steel Fret Wire is now available from Warmoth! If you want an extra slick feel along with super smooth bending and playability, this is the "stuff"! Stainless steel is harder and it's life expectancy is much longer than our standard fret wire. Try it. You'll like it!

  • Measuring .104" x .047" Narrow and tall. It is about the same width as the 6130 but a bit taller.
  • Vickers hardness HV5 300 +/-20
  • Curved for easy installation. Enough to complete a 24-fret guitar or 35" scale bass with a little left over.
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