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Stag Mag

Stag Mag
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Uniquely constructed humbucker uses Alnico 2 rod pole pieces to achieve true single-coil sound when split (tapped). Recommended for classic rock, jazz, blues, funk and country.

The Stag Mag uses the same type of magnets as a vintage singe coil. Each coil is as powerful as a single-coil. When the pickup is split (sometimes called "tapped") such that only one coil is used, the sound is bright and glassy, like a vintage Strat® pickup. In full output, humbucking mode, the tone is rich and full with a bright high-end. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable.

Complete setup Though often used in the bridge position, the Stag Mag can be used in the neck as well.

Use with any guitar with traditional string spacing in the bridge position (1.925" or 48.9mm). Works with rosewood, ebony or maple fingerboards.

Available mods
Make sure to use the Stag Mag with a switch to maximize the real-deal single-coil tone when split. See our website for wiring diagrams for split wiring and other cool mods.

Greg Hetson / Bad Religion, Michael Ciravolo / Gene Loves Jezebel, Mike Scott / Prince, Charlie Crowe / Brooks & Dunn

Cable: Four Conductor
DC Resistance: 16.2 k
Resonant Peak: 6.5 KHz
Magnet: Alnico II Rods
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by Erik
on 3/19/2009
An Amazing neck pickup.
I have a small arsenal of guitars, with a dozens pickups from all the major manufactures and I have to say, without a doubt, this is the only pickup I truly LOVE and will never replace.   I use it in the neck position of my Warmoth HSH Mahogany Strat, and it’s wired with a coil tap/parallel/series switch.   Unlike most neck pickups that get muddy and bassy, this is crystal clear and articulate giving just enough of that single coil snap, while at the same time maintaining that humbucker thickness.   With the coil tapping it gives an almost classic single coil tone, and when wired in parallel it’s a perfect combination of single coil and an airy humbucker.   I really can’t say enough about it, just a fantastic pickup.   This will be my first pickup of choice for the neck in every future guitar build.
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