Single Saddle Bass Bridge, Large, Black DO NOT USE

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Single Saddle Bass Bridge, Large, Black DO NOT USE

Single Saddle Bass Bridge, Large, Black DO NOT USE
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This new elegant design eliminates the need for the standard bridge base plate and each string rides on its own single piece of hardware! Sonic coupling between the string and body is second to none and the look is very unobtrusive and boutique. Each Single String Bridge has its own rout in the body and is held in place by a top screw and a through-body coupling bolt. Strings can be fed through the hollow coupling bolt on the back side of the body for string-through operation or anchored in the tail end of each bridge for top loading. Each bridge is adjustable for intonation and saddle height. Warmoth/Hipshot Single String Bridge Top Warmoth/Hipshot Single String Bridge Side
  • The string slot in the saddle comes in two sizes for large or small gauge strings. Use the large for B, E, and A strings and the small for D, G and C strings.
  • The coupling bolts of this bridge are made specific for Warmoth Guitar Products. Similar bridges sold elsewhere will come with a coupling bolt not compatible with our body routs.
  • The coupling bolt requires a 3/16" allen wrench which is not included, though the wrench for saddle adjustment is included.
Comes complete with:
1 Bridge
1 Mounting Screws
1 Coupling Bolt
1 Allen Wrench for Saddle Adjustment



Single String Bridge Grounding Tips

    * If you're using active pickups that are internally sheilded, like EMG's, the bridge does not need to be grounded.
    * If you don't mind a slightly "visible" ground, lay a single strand of copper wire under the bridges before installation to connect

      them  electrically, and ground the bridge closest to the control cavity using a ground wire as usual.

    * You can also ground all the strings "invisibly" by grounding one string normally, and using either a brass string nut or a

      bar string retainer to connect the other strings.






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