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Trem Cover Guitar Pickguard

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Side Edge


Tremolo Holes


  • Trem Cover


  • .09" White Solid Gloss$12.00

Tremolo Holes

  • 1 Rectangular Hole

Total: $12.00

Note: This is not your actual pickguard. This is a graphic representation.

  • Rout locations and positioning are not represented 100% to scale.
  • Pickguard material color will vary.
  • Pickguard material patterns will vary.

Please note: Warmoth Trem Covers are right-hand and left-hand specific. Some Fender® bodies are drilled for a generic trem cover. If your body was drilled this way, it may be necessary to drill a couple new mounting holes in order to use a Warmoth Trem Cover.

No through hole. For use with top loading bridges like Floyd Rose. Right-hand screw pattern.

1 Rectangular hole, right-hand screw pattern.

Traditional 6 oval holes, right-hand screw pattern.

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