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Short Scale P-Style Bass Pickguard

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Material Description

.09" White Solid Gloss
Solid vinyl material, with a gloss finish and beveled edge.

Side Edge





.09" White Solid Gloss

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  • Short Scale P-Style


  • .09" White Solid Gloss$30.00

Pickup Rout

    Neck Pickup
  • None
  • Middle Pickup Bridge Pickup

Control Routing

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Input

Total: $30.00

Note: This is not your actual pickguard. This is a graphic representation.

  • Rout locations and positioning are not represented 100% to scale.
  • Pickguard material color will vary.
  • Pickguard material patterns will vary.

Will It Fit? - Print Out This Full Size PDF

Short Scale P-Style Pickguard PDF

For the best results, you can print out this full size PDF for comparisons of mounting hole and pickup locations as well as perimeter measurements. DO NOT SELECT "Fit to Page."

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