Passive 5 String Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass, Neck

Passive 5 String Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass, Neck
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(From the Seymour Duncan website)

High-output true single-coil. Recommended for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock and nu-metal.

Delivers amazing output and super strong attack. The quarter-inch alnico pole piece magnets together with over-wound coil provide full response with great control. Includes logo cover.

Complete setup
Available individually or in calibrated neck and bridge set.

This pickup is a direct retrofit for FenderĀ® Jazz V and many other popular 5-string basses. Will accommodate string spacings up to 3.10" (78.7mm) for bridge pickup and 3.00" (76.2mm) for neck pickup

Cable: Two Con. Shielded
DC: 20.9 k
Resonant Peak: 5.56 KHz
Magnet: .25" Alnico V Rods
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