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Normal Neck Super Wide

Superwide necks come with a 1-7/8" nut width and this is about as wide as they can get and still maintain decent string alignment with the pickup pole pieces. These wide necks have a similar feel to an acoustic guitar neck. For those of you with big fingers, the Superwide may be where it's at.

Construction Type:

Green Checkmark

Note: Construction type affects what woods and options are available.


Shaft Wood:

More Info on Shaft Wood

Fingerboard Wood:

More Info on Fingerboard Wood


$0.00 USD

Unique Choice

No Unique Choice pieces available for this neck.

+ $0.00

Nut Width

Green Checkmark
More Info on Nut Width

+ $0.00


More Info on Orientation

Right handed orientation shown

+ $0.00

Back Shapes

More Info on Back Contours

+ $0.00


More Info on Fretboard Radius

Note: 7-1/4" Straight Radius available only on 25-1/2" Total Vintage Construction.

+ $0.00

24 Fret Extension

Green Checkmark
More Info on 24 Fret Extension

Note: 24 Frets available for Warmoth Pro construction only.

+ $0.00


More Info on Scalloping


  • Available for Warmoth Pro construction only.
  • We will only scallop up to the 22nd fret.

+ $0.00


Binding is not available with one or more of the previous options you have selected.

Note: Available for Warmoth Pro construction only.

+ $0.00

Fret Size

More Info on Fret Size

+ $0.00

Tuner Ream

More Info on Tuner Reams
+ $0.00



More Info on Inlays

Side Dots:

More Info on Side Dots

+ $0.00

String Nut

More Info on String Nuts


  • LSR Roller Nut option requires a 1-11/16" nut width.
  • Floyd Locking Nut options require the 10"-16" Compound Radius or a straight fingerboard radius of 9". 9.5", 10", 10.5" or 11".

+ $0.00

Mounting Holes

More Info on Mounting Holes

Note: 3 Hole Mounting option available for Vintage Modern Construction only.

+ $0.00


More Info on Finish
+ $0.00

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